Breast Augmentation



Breast Augmentation has been used by millions all  around the world to help women transform themselves into feeling more confident, alluring, and feminine. Breast augmentation can enhance breasts, improve cleavage, and change figures by increasing volume, firmness, and enhancing the shape of the breasts. Because of the natural look and feel of breast implants, breast augmentation can restore symmetry, reshape the nipples, and improve fullness in the breasts. As breast augmentation continues to advance in terms of technology and technique, it’s becoming one of the most customizable and adaptable procedures available.

Types of Implants

You will have a choice between several different kinds of implants to help give you the best results possible. Implants have two types of fillings: saline and silicone gel. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with some common sizes including round and teardrop/anatomic shaped.

There are different factors that need to be considered when it comes time to picking the type of implant; the size of your implants will be limited by whether you have enough excess skin to cover the implant. If you happen to have a smaller rib cage, thin frame, and very little excess skin, that might result in a relatively smaller implant. In the end, your breast augmentation will be customized in order to ensure your optimal appearance, physical comfort, and safety.

How Breast Augmentation Is Done

Breast augmentation in its most basic steps involves the placement of breast implants into the breasts to enhance volume. The implant can be inserted in many different methods, with each way creating different scars. One of the most common incisions is placed under the breast, and hidden in the fold. Another common incision goes around the nipple, following the outline of the areola. This incision is particularly discreet, but there are risks of altered sensation in the nipple and a compromised ability to breast-feed.

Another aspect of breast augmentation that can decide your overall recovery time and aesthetic result is the placement of the implant. When implants are placed underneath the breast muscle, this can reduce tissue scarring, decrease the appearance of sagging in the breast, and reduce the visibility of the implant under the skin. Implants placed above the muscle allow for more dramatic results and a greater ability to shape the breasts.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

After your surgery, you will be able to go home with your breasts wrapped in dressings to support healing and reduce swelling. You and your surgeon will go over a recovery plan to help you schedule the timeline for your recovery and help educate you on how to take care of your incisions. During the first few days of your recovery, it’s recommended to avoid strenuous activity and exercise.

A breast augmentation can do more than enhance your breasts; it’s an opportunity to improve your confidence and self-esteem. For more information on breast augmentation, contact Dr. Adan Plastic Surgery for a consultation.