Clitoral Restoration Surgery/FGM Repair

Dr. Adan Abdullahi is one of the few surgeons worldwide who perform surgical reversal of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Clitoral Restorative Surgery 

For women considering this surgical procedure, there are many considerations. We attempts to be culturally respectful but forcefully disapproving of the cultural practices that lead to FGM. There appears to be a current of résistance against FGM in Africa with larger cities, countries (Kenya in 2013), and individuals beginning to say no to the practice. As women (and men!) communicate about the devastating effects on intimacy, relationships, and health due to FGM, the tide seems to be turning. Much of this education is leading to growing awareness of the consequences, that these so-called ‘purifying’ rituals do harm rather than good, I believe the tide is turning. Communication via cellphone and internet is helping to spread truth about this practice. That there is also a surgical procedure which can help to reverse FGM is also empowering to the people of Africa. Our goal in bringing the surgical procedure to Africa is to allow women to control their own destiny, to regain their sense of identity as women and as sexual human beings.

The Clitoral Restoration Surgery itself is nearly always, to some degree, successful with the majority of women glad to have undergone the procedure. When Dr. Foldes, the procedure’s inventor, published his data in The Lancet  (LINK) Skeptics emerged, astoundingly. British Gynecologists, these critics actually denounced his technique as theoretically impossible—without witnessing the procedure or bothering to ask the women themselves. The fact is, if you listen to the account of even one woman reporting her awakened sensation and experiencing orgasm for the very fist time in her life after FGM reversal, science is no longer necessary


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